Dog Collar Pendants with Quotes

Pet collar quote pendant. These are great stocking stuffers or grab and go gifts!

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These pet pendants are sure to get a laugh from your customers! They are the perfect gift for their furry friends.

These pendants measure 30mm in size and have a split ring to attach to the pet collar.

The pendants are set in a permanent glass that is cured and resistant to UV light and is waterproof.

These come carded on hang tags.





Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Pet Quotes

Assortment of Quotes, Four Legged Therapist, .I will find you, I will lick you, 3.Tried to be good, got bored, I am Friendly, But Beware of My Owner, My Cute Appearance is super
deceiving!, . Beware of the Kids, There are No Bad Days When You come Home to Me, Time Spent with a Cat is Never Wasted, 9. Nothing But Trouble, I Didn’t Do It, My Best Friend is Human, I Heart My Two Legged Friend
12. I love my Two Legged Friend
13. Wet Noses (pictured)