A Year of Change

After twelve years of working out of a home office in the Pittsburgh area, it was time for Ciao Bella Jewelry to make a move. Owner and designer, Michelle VanBibber, was on the hunt for a place to call the company’s new home. Her main goal when searching was to find a space that inspired her to come to work everyday and with a little bit of luck she found exactly what she was looking for.The building which holds Ciao Bella’s studio has been converted from an old barn to renovated offices. Michelle used the buildings history to inspire her design of rustic farm and industrial decor. When asked about the new office Michelle said, “in our old space I felt that my new designs were stagnant, in our new space the creative juices are flowing again!” Her favorite part of the office is the wall of mason jars which organizes all of her crystals. Not only has the new organization of the company influenced Michelle’s designs, but it has also helped other employees. The majority of Ciao Bella’s employees work from home and only saw the pieces of jewelry they made or finished products before shipment. With a now centralized location many of the employees come in to pick up design supplies and have the opportunity to see the production process from beginning to end. Operations manager, Judy Palmer, says “everyone is more self sufficient. Everything has a place and is easy to find when needed.”Michelle anticipates staying in this location for at least two years. Her goal is to expand Ciao Bella Jewelry to department stores, while keeping the boutique lines and custom products for gift shops. If this expansion project takes hold she will move to a larger office within this location. Ciao Bella has undergone numerous changes within the last few months and the increase in productivity and positivity have been a direct effect from these changes. Customers of Ciao Bella should be eager to see what new products the company comes up with because even more changes are ahead. 

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