Custom Jewelry


Ciao Bella Jewelry’s product development and design allows your gift shop to tell a unique story. Our custom charms are a perfect keepsake, which inspires remarkable memories from a special visit.


Our popular Scenic Memories Collection can be found in countless locations across the country. Throughout these destinations, your customers can collect charms, bangle bracelets, and other extraordinary jewelry and accessories. 


Our products are proudly made in the USA. Our Custom Image Design makes us extremely unique. After five years of working on this method, we finally perfected it through curing and finishing with blowtorches. The product results in a distinctive waterproof glass coating, which will last for a lifetime of memories.


Let us turn your story into wearable art!


Ciao Bella Jewelry will use your logos and photos in our products or you can choose from thousands of our stock images. We have also partnered with a wildlife photographer Frank Caravolo, so you can use many of his photos of locations and animals.



We have a wide selection of US cast pewter charms in state, museum, sea life, military, wildlife, camp, and travel themes. These products can be customized with your charm choices for a personalized fit to you gift shop!